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WRITING TO YOUR SPONSORED INDIVIDUAL Letter writing is a very important aspect of our sponsorship program. Through personal letters from the sponsored individual, the sponsor learns about the individual’s life. We encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored individual if possible. Sponsors should mail all the letters, greeting cards, photos and stickers, etc., directly to the following address. We will make sure your mail arrives safely to your sponsored individual.

The name of the sponsored individual and the ID number Foundation for Children in Need Porumamilla-516 193 Kadapa District, A.P., A reply to the letters received by the sponsored individuals will be included in the Christmas and New Year letters. We are not in a position to organize more than one letter a year from the sponsored individuals for several reasons.

When you receive letters from your sponsored individual, you will notice a Project Code/name at the upper right hand corner or in the family record. This is the project where your sponsored student is and it is instrumental for us in processing your letters. This ID allows us to direct your correspondence to the appropriate project. Please use the Project Code from the most recent letter or family record.

Email: info@fcnindia.org
Call: (+91) 98484 36095