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FCN currently sponsors more than 698 individuals. Sponsorship is an incredible blessing for each of the children, college students and seniors as well as their families. For a number of years we were able to provide the gift donation directly to your sponsored individual.

Since the gifts you have provided to your sponsored individual went directly to that individual, not every person received the same amount for a gift. As you can imagine, this caused an inequitable situation as well as practical difficulties in distributing the gifts.

In addition, we also care for many children and seniors who do not yet enjoy the benefit of having a sponsor. Therefore, some of the sponsored individuals received much while others received little or nothing.

In order to address this situation, we are humbly requesting that all sponsors provide a gift of 1000 rupees or more which will be directed to a GIFT FUND. In the month of November and December of every year, all our sponsored individuals will receive Christmas and New Year gifts. Having a general gift fund will alleviate many difficulties for us. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued support. You are welcome to send your donation for the Gift Fund anytime throughout the year along with your sponsorship donation.

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